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The fashion clothes for early spring vacation of 2012 are still being updated. Yet as seen from the released fashion clothes, the female costume style of the coming spring is getting clear. Today the fashion clothes for early spring vacation of 2012--sailing clothes--are summarized here.
Fashion Clothes For Early Spring Vacation Of YSL In 2012
Fashion clothes for early spring vacation of YSL in 2012
Yves Saint Laurent-Go Sailing
This is the Naval Vessel Week of Manhattan, New York. The street is crowded with men and women with clear-cut features. Many people, wearing very natural and simple white uniforms, look as if they came from the film On the Town of 1944.
The confident and fashionable series made by Designer Stefano Pilati undoubtedly spontaneously repeat the theme of navigation. The series also recalls the period of classical music and the elements of tailoring details which play a trick on the traditional sailor's uniform as well as the inspiration of the 1940s and call up Yves Saint Laurent's show in 1971 displaying the wartime whores. Stefano Pilati himself opportunely wore a navy blue captain's uniform and held a cotton white duck toy at the end of the show.
Fashion Clothes For Early Spring Vacation of YSL in 2012
Fashion clothes for early spring vacation of YSL in 2012
The show begins with crimson parkas made from goatskin. The crumpled white cotton shirts and wedge heel canvas shoes reflect delicate design. The big navy blue sailor's bag is decorated with golden buttons on all sides; the crumpled knitted dress is with a sailor's collar; mini shorts demonstrate the ubiquitous theme of iron anchor. If some garment is short of this kind of information, golden anchors will dangle from a silk necklace or serve as part of a white underwear belt. This series uses bold combination of black and white with bright yellow or scarlet, just like many ropes in a boat race. The daring printing is derived from rope. As for the evening clothes, a few actiniaria printing patterns of Japanese canvas shoes dominate many exquisitely-cut coats and tunic gowns. Marine life is also implied by azure and deep blue crepe de Chine trousers.

Fashion Clothing